Field Training Manager

Employer: Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals Ltd
Posted on: December 06, 2017

Job Title                    Field Training Manager
Location                    Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
Salary                      12 to 14 Lacs /Annum
Apply before              Tue Dec 19, 2017
Job Type                    Full-Time
Key Skills                    Training
Experience required     Any experience
Education                     B.Sc.(Agriculture)
Job category                Farm Inputs
Sub Category               Fertilizers




Key Accountability


  1. Plan & ensure all Zonal market development activities are conducted as per plan & budget to promote Mahadhan brand & increase awareness about value proposition of existing/new products


  • Plan annual/monthly market development activities for each of the zone/focus crops & products under the area marketing managers (e.g. Organized farmer meetings, Demonstrations & demo-site meetings, Crash Sales Program & Joint Crash Sales Program, Bazaar Day, Crop seminars, Sub-dealer training/co-op meeting, etc.)


  • Update plan on a monthly basis crop/farmer/region requirements in concurrence with marketing services manager


  • Motivate field staff to conduct important marketing activities like crop seminar, field day, Crop Productivity Enhancement Project (CPEP), CSR activities, Mahadhan Shetkari Manch, Mahadhan Customer Day and exhibitions - participate in key activities


  • Plan & monitor large scale farmer demonstration & trials for new product launch in coordination with Crop Agronomist as well as Area Marketing Manager


  • Coordinate with internal teams (Area/Zonal Manager) and external stakeholders Dealer /institutes for providing details for in-house magazines, literature feedback, wall painting, survey (customer satisfaction, product performance, etc ) and other adpro activities




  1. Attend group meetings of KOLs/Crop Heroes/progressive farmers & build rapport with  key institutions in local farming community          


  • Attend large group meeting s of Crop Heroes, Crop Dev Officers & Crop experts and motivate them to become Mahadhan Brand Ambassdors


  • Develop connect with area/crop experts in the command area and make availability of experts to involve in farmer related programs


  • Create trust among farmers in product performance based on scientific trial results – MCBR


  • Develop rapport with key institutions in the farming community (e.g. state agricultural universities, research stations, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, marketing federations, co-operative institutes, FPOs & Nurseries) in each area and work closely on coordination with Zonal Marketing Managers


  • Collate and validate market intelligence on existing MOPs for Mahadhan as wells as key competitor products and share with Marketing Services Manager


  • Establish value base pricing out of demonstration, feedback of farmers/stakeholders


  • Generate farmer’s data from all team members and collate for future usage and targeted messaging


  1. Develop connect with key sub-dealers/retailers in command area to update on new products and track liquidation of the products


  • Maintain account and oversight of key local retailers/sub-dealers in each area and closely track stock, liquidation of these sub-dealers/retailers


  • Attend to technical queries of retailers/sub-dealers


  • Create awareness about the new/existing products and Mahadhan brand among the key accounts




  1. Review, monitoring & capability building of Field Team




  • Assess training requirements of the Area Marketing Managers and organize training in coordination with the zonal training manager


  • Identify key potential areas in command area and ensure all key areas are visited by the Field Teams as per a defined Beat Plan


  • Share reporting/MIS of market development activities conducted & liquidation every week with Marketing Services Manager


  • Collate/validate market intelligence on existing MOPs provided by Field Marketing Team for Mahadhan as wells as key competitor products and share details with Zonal Marketing Officer


  • Conduct & participate in monthly / quarterly zonal review meetings


  • Provide technical marketing inputs to area marketing managers as per crop/farmer requirements


  • Submit annual & monthly marketing plan, marketing bills and reports and update monthly plan basis requirements


  • Provide feedback to Crop managers/ Product Managers on the farmer requirements, pain points & competitor products


  • Participate in appointment process of Sales Promoters


  • Approach KVk and Agriculture college for Sales promoters requirement and if necessary will give presentation


2.Work Relations ( Internal and External)


Internal Relations


  • Zonal Field Marketing Team


  • Marketing Services Manager


  • Sales Team


  • Market Intelligence Team


  • Crop & Product Manager


External Relations


  • KOLs (Crop Heroes, Progressive Farmers, etc.)


  • Representatives of farmer customers & crop development officers


  • Key Institutions (e.g. state agricultural universities, research stations, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, marketing federations, co-operative institutes, FPOs, Nurseries)

3.Key Dimensions


Financial Dimensions


  • Zonal Market Development Activity Target


  • Zonal Liquidation Target


  • Sch. Adh. to demo & farmer trials target


  • Connect with target # of KOLs & target # of Institutions


  • Schedule Adherence to Zonal Reviews & MIS Generation


People Dimensions


  • Direct reports – Area Marketing Managers


4.Achievement Profile:


Education Qualifications / Background


  • B.Sc/M.Sc. Agriculture/Horticulture


  • Post Graduate Diploma/MBA (Agri Business Management)


  • Ph.D. (Agriculture / Horticulture) would be preferred


Relevant and Total Years of Experience


  • 18 to 20 years of work experience in the field of Agricultural Product Promotion


Technical/Functional Expertise


  • Knowledge in the field of agronomy, plant pathology, entomology, water management, extension, soil science and agriculture chemistry, plant physiology, biotechnology etc.


  • Knowledge of laying down field trials, observations or protocols / parameters


  • Knowledge of products, rural markets, agriculture and farmers


  • Knowledge of territory and crop cycles within the territory


Behavioural Competencies (List only 3- 5 specific behavioural competencies)


  • Strategic Thinking


  • Planning & implementation skills


  • Interpersonal skills -  Customer Service Orientation – building connect & provide advisory


  • Analytical and Liaising skills


  • Communication & presentation skills




Personality (List only 3- 5 specific personality characteristics)


  • Team Player and collaborative style of functioning


  • Proactive attitude to take feedback from KOLs & Institutions


  • Objective in nature: Ability to objectively assess results of farmer demonstrations


  • Able to clearly communicate and articulate with local community & talk about Mahadhan product






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